MIS 231

Introduction to MIS

(3 Credits)

This course discusses components of information systems (hardware, software, databases, and data communication technologies) and uses examples and cases to demonstrate important uses of information systems in organizations. Topics include e-commerce, supply chain systems, customer relationship management systems, marketing information systems, accounting information systems, knowledge management systems, and internet ethics and security issues.

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Course Topics

  • Software, hardware and networking concepts
  • Impact of IT in modern business
  • IT and organizational transformation
  • Use of IT for competitive advantage
  • Transaction processing
  • Information as an asset
  • Relational databases
  • IT ethical and social issues
  • Information security
  • Data warehouses and decision support systems
  • Supply chain management systems and IT
  • Customer relationship management systems
  • Enterprise systems and decision making
  • IT enablement of e-commerce
  • Organizational collaboration and IT
  • Use of mobile technology in business


    MIS - Management Information Systems
    By Bidgoli, Tenth Edition
    Paper ISBN: 978-0-357-41869-7

    Additional Materials

    CBU student unix server account, other server backup, and/or USB drive as needed for backup.

    Course Grading

    • 25 % - Homework
    • 30 % - Quizzes
    • 10 % - Home Page Posting
    • 15 % - Technology Presentation
    • 20 % - Project

    The schedule is a tentative guideline. The progress of the class will typically vary somewhat from this outline and additional material may be added. Scheduled and unscheduled homework, quizzes, and labs will be announced in class, therefore it is important to stay informed if absent from class.