ITM 356

Advanced C++ Programming

(3 Credits)

C++ was the primier object oriented programming language, and was used as the basis in building more recent languages such as Java, C#, and Concurrent C. This course studies the details of object oriented programming using C++.

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Course Objectives


C++ How to Program (8th Edition) by Paul Deitel and Harvey Deitel
ISBN-13: 978-0132662369

Additional Materials

CBU student unix server account, other server backup, and/or USB drive as needed for backup.

Course Grading

  • 30 % - Two tests (15 points each)
  • 20 % - Homework
  • 50 % - Course Project

The schedule is a tentative guideline. The progress of the class will typically vary somewhat from this outline and additional material may be added. Scheduled and unscheduled homework, quizzes, and tests will be announced in class, therefore it is important to stay informed if absent from class.