MIS 153

Business Computer Applications

(3 Credits)

Information technology (IT) is a vital part (if not the single most important part) of modern businesses. The IT/MIS field is projected to be the fastest growing job market for degreed professionals for at least the next decade. This course introduces the fundamental concepts of working with computers and computer applications.

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Course Objectives


Office 2016 Introductory
Shelly Cashman Series
ISBN: 978-1-305-87001-7

Additional Materials

CBU student unix server account, other server backup, and/or USB drive as needed for backup.

Course Grading

  • 150 points - Three tests
  • 130 points - Thirteen homeworks
  • 280 total points

The schedule is a tentative guideline. The progress of the class will typically vary somewhat from this outline and additional material may be added. Scheduled and unscheduled homework, quizzes, and tests will be announced in class, therefore it is important to stay informed if absent from class. Lab portions of the class may sometimes be conducted in a distance education (online) format.